A Sun That Never Sets Settled In Over The Tenderloin This Weekend: Neurosis Returned Home For Two Rare Live Performances 1/15 and 1/16

by Erick Pressman

Ever purposely leave for a show late hoping you get there 45 minutes after doors open so you aren’t stuck standing around a venue for an hour wasting money on overpriced drinks and end up getting there so fast that you beat the doors even opening? Well, that was Sunday night’s story for the epic Neurosis/Saviours/US Christmas show at the Great American Music Hall.

While being late would have been an unforgivable faux paux, from as far as we can tell, these weekend shows with Neurosis were US Christmas’ first Bay Area appearance ever (or at least appearance that garnered the publicity they deserve). Seeing Saviours is always a good time, and even though they are a band rooted in the chaos of mid-80s Oakland punk, Neurosis aren’t exactly a local band by usual standards these days. So catching Saviours live is any bit as special as catching a rare act from some far off locale. The wait between doors opening and the show starting did result in excessive merchandise purchasing and a few unneeded alcoholic beverages, but it was better to be super early than miss any of the magic that was to present itself at the Great American Music Hall last night.