Our current mayor will be making more appearances at Board of Supervisors meetings than our previous one thanks to that question-time ballot measure no one really cared about back in November. You'll remember Proposition C was originally intended to give the Board of Supervisors some more time to admire Gavin Newsom's hair, but with Lite Gov gone Ed Lee gets another first as San Francisco mayor: first to submit to "question time" according to the Examiner.

The details of "question time" still have to be ironed out by the new board - things like time limits, whether written questions should be submitted ahead of time, or if they'll come up with a better name than just "question time" are all issues the incumbents hope to nail down in the coming weeks. In the meantime, SFGovTV nerds can expect Mayor Lee to make his first cameo at next week's Supervisor's meeting on Tuesday the 25th.