It's been awhile since we've last checked in with former Mayor Willie Brown and now that the Holidays are all out of the way, we can get a clear picture of how Da Mayor spends his days off. Actually it's more or less the same as how he spends his working days, by which we mean eating. But there was also some skiing, so there's that.

Before Willie could get himself up to Aspen for Christmas, however, he wanted to make sure we didn't forget he went to George Shultz's fancy 90th birthday party at the "place that shall remain nameless." Dear Willie: WE GET IT. You ate the most exclusive crab salad in San Francisco back in the middle of December, you don't need to tell us again. At least not until you're eating an even more exclusive salad made from a crab that Thomas Keller himself pulled from the ocean in a basket made of golden thread or whatever. Then we want to hear about it.

One place he doesn't talk about even though it isn't a place that needs to remain nameless is Le Central. He's there so much, in fact, that he says it isn't even worth mentioning - well, not worth mentioning until they start dropping truckloads of imported Beluga caviar on him for a pre-Christmas lunch. The less affluent in the audience might be interested to now the caviar was served with an "unidentifiable accoutrement that made the chilled Blue Angel vodka seem better than it really is." We really wish the former mayor had asked what this mystery garnish was, because we'd like to know about anything that can make vodka taste better than it really is. It's probably gin. Gin is always better than vodka.