Angela West, a former LA City Attorney, reportedly went on a bit of a rampage during the holiday season at San Francisco International Airport. And how. Look, we get it: Christmas and SFO and the lines and the kids and the outrageous Peet's kiosk prices make us go a little nuts as well. However, we've never been so bold as to act on our deepest rage-filled desires as West did on Christmas Eve. Behold:

Angela West, 50, a Harvard Law School graduate, was seen by airport police officers smashing merchandise, milk containers and other food items with a 3-foot-long metal pole at a Peet's Coffee kiosk at SFO on Christmas Eve, said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

When officers tried to speak to her, West "raged" at them and began swinging the pole, which she had taken from a janitor's cart, Wagstaffe said.

An officer had to use a chair to fend off at least 10 blows, authorities said. West then calmed down and sat in a booth, only to start throwing items at the officers, Wagstaffe said.

When the officers tried to arrest her, she kicked one of them in the groin, Wagstaffe said. After being subdued, West shouted out that she was a lesbian and that the officers "should stop trying to have sex with her," the prosecutor said.

West was immediately whisked to a hospital and then a psychiatric ward for a week.

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