By Daniel Phifer

Did we ever tell you that we’re huge Dead Milkmen fans? Well, we kind of lost track of the discography after Metaphysical Graffiti, but going five albums deep with a band constitutes some sort of close relationship, right?

Anyway, when we first saw The Boneless Children Foundation sticker stuck to the side of god knows what, it didn’t matter much what they might sound like. We just instantly liked this band. I mean, come on, the Boneless Children Foundation? You wish you could come up with a better band name.

And what a pleasant surprise to realize they sound like the best of early Dead Milkmen. Scruffy with an adolescent whine, but most importantly, fun. The kind of music that makes you want to give a girl a hickey.

Also on the bill is Il Gato, another local gem with folky tunes and clever lyrics. If the Carter Family were white dudes from San Francisco, they might sound a little like this.