You know what we've always wanted to try? A Chick-fil-A sandwich, which sounds both moist and delicious. Sadly, we cannot. Why? Because they support anti-gay and anti-freedom of religion groups. And, in the interest of the greater good, that would be bad.

The Advocate reports:

On February 11 and 12, the Pennsylvania Family Institute and Chick-fil-A will sponsor two events, designed to “help couples apply what the Bible teaches about marriage in a powerful way,” according to

Chick-fil-A is backing events in Harrisburg and Reading, and while promotional materials for the events aren’t specifically antigay, the Family Institute is Pennsylvania’s largest antigay, anti-marriage equality group.

This isn’t the first time the restaurant chain has been taken to task for its support of antigay groups. In 2009, reported Chick-fil-A had supported Focus on the Family.

The fast food chain has also supported "reparative therapy programs and has donated hundreds of thousand of dollars to passing antigay legislation." Which, depressing.