The CHP made 64 DUI-related arrests in the Bay Area during New Year's Eve this year, as opposed to 92 last year. Four fatal collisions occurred in the Bay Area between 6 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Saturday, compared to zero fatalities last year. According to San Jose Mercruy, the California Highway Patrol still hadn't determined if any of those fatalities were alcohol- or drug-related as of Saturday afternoon.

One of the New Year's Eve fatalities was a female pedestrian who was found on Highway 101 in San Jose. A driver who stayed at the scene after hitting the body was not under the influence of alcohol and told the CHP he saw two other vehicles run over the body without stopping.

State-wide, a similar ratio occurred over the holiday. There were twelve traffic deaths statewide, up from seven a year ago, and 499 drivers were arrested this year compared to 527 last year.