In our weekly chronicles of the whereabouts and activities of Former Mayor Willie Brown, we often stumble on a red herring or two in our research. Case in point: Miss Willie Brown, a country music act consisting of Kasey from Texas and Amanda from West Virginia. (Pictured.)

According to their publicist, who is from Los Angeles and declined grant us an interview, the ladies are currently based out of Nashville, TN and "the band is not derivative of the former mayor." We probably would have guessed that on our own, but we're still curious whether they fancy themselves the lady-version of Willie Brown the Oakland Raiders coach or Willie Lee Brown the delta blues singer (more likely).

Further research on their site [warning: country music] reveals the act's baffling origin story (all typos, theirs):

"kasey and amanda met in the early nineties at a rainbow bright convention. they immediately hit it off after discovering that they both lost their virginity via simulating sex between their rainbow bright dolls and a g.i. joe."

Before we point out that we've already spent too much time thinking about this, we would like to take a moment to remind you that Rainbow Brite is a child and G.I. Joe is at least 18. If you're so inclined, you can get your own Miss Willie Brown sighting in 2011, when they'll be playing Indio, CA in October for the Stagecoach Festival. Which is like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass meets Coachella, apparently.

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