You'll recall how State Assemblywoman Fiona Ma was looking to define what a "rave" was so that she could write a bill that would ban raves from occurring on public property? Well, now she sounds like she's backing off a bit, saying she won't move forward with the Anti-Raves Act of 2011, a.k.a. AB 74, until she has some "stakeholder meetings" with various interested parties. "I don't believe anyone wants the tragedies that occurred this year to continue happening. The stakeholder meetings will be inclusive and I commit to not moving AB 74 until meeting and hearing from all perspectives," said Ma in a statement. "This issue is complicated. We have to find a way to protect young people without compromising everyone's legitimate rights to enjoy themselves in a safe environment."

We're sorry, but how does this accomplish anything if you can still throw a rave/music festival/big druggie party in a private venue. Ban all forms of parties, Fiona! That's obviously the only way to go. [SF Gate, SF Weekly]