A mischievous San Mateo teen tried and failed multiple times to extort local drivers by impersonating a police officer and threatening them with speeding tickets. 19 year old Alex Grabovetsky used a siren and flashing red lights mounted on his mother's teal pickup truck to pull over drivers in Millbrae and on the 101 near SFO in early December.

According to the Examiner he pulled over his first non-victim, a driver for Panera Bread, told her she was speeding and asked for cash to let her off without a ticket. When the driver caught on and insisted on the ticket, Grabovetsky "let her go with a warning but demanded she call him 'officer' " according to the San Mateo County Deputy DA.

Later, after failing to extort three other drivers, Grabovetsky received his own citation when victims called in the truck's license plate number. A few days later, he was arrested trying to sell weed at the Hillsdale train station only to insist he should be let go because he "was in the military." Young Alex's bail is set at $110,000 and he's pleading not guilty on the pot charges and 4 charges of impersonating an officer.