SFist would like to remind you that it is unsightly to keep a rotting evergreen corpse in your living room past January 1st, but exceptions will be made in order to properly dispose of your decomposing organic matter.

Bay City News offers some practical advice, pointing out that curbside tree recycling begins on January 3rd and runs on weekdays until January 14th. You should kindly remove all ornaments before you place your tree next to your trash carts because curbside trees will be taken to Recology San Francisco for chipping before being shipped off to the waste-to-energy facility in Tracy, CA. If you prefer to watch, some noble firs and pines will be sent off during a tree chipping celebration at 11 a.m. today at Civic Center plaza.

Meanwhile, nihilists and Norsemen might be interested in the 22nd annual Post-Yule Pyre, set for January 8th, 2011 according to the event's cryptic twitter feed. If you're not familiar with the always-illegal, but never-not-interesting event: it usually involves a string of people avoiding the cops as they drag their dried-out evergreens down the Great Highway in search of a nice beach to have a large piney bonfire. Dust & Illusions has some details on last year's burn, but you'll have to ask your one friend who goes to Burning Man for this year's semi-secret meeting location.