Marin City, the tiny enclave next to Sausalito that is home to a few thousand of Marin County's less wealthy residents, was the site of a brutal homicide last week. 22-year-old Larry Robertson was found dead and bleeding on a pedestrian walkway underneath highway 101 in Marin City on Wednesday, following reports of a fight on the walkway. Robertson had been stabbed 62 times, and an autopsy revealed the cause of death as a stab wound to the abdomen.

After giving chase, police apprehended another 22-year-old in connection with the murder, one Daryl Kumar Mears of Mill Valley, who was spotted in a nearby parking lot covered in blood, and carrying a folding knife believed to be the murder weapon. The sheriff's office is not discussing motive, but they will say this wasn't random. Mears is scheduled to appear in court today, and there are no other suspects at large.

As the Marin Independent Journal reports, Robertson was set to start classes at College of Marin in January.