Not just reserved for drunken cyclists at Zeitgeist, tamales are a savory and sweet holiday treat during the holiday season for many South and Central American countries. So, in lieu of making the traditional crown roast or figgy pudding come Christ's birthday, order some tasty tamales from Mijita instead.

Both Mijita locations will offer tamales for Christmas, but each locale will serve different flavors. Behold the taste sensations at the AT&T Park location:

Chicken and salsa verde
Pork and chile Colorado
Rajas (roasted sweet peppers with Oaxaca cheese)
Sweet tamale with golden raisins
Order 72 hours in advance; 415-644-0240

And at the Ferry Building location:

Vegetarian (cheese and poblano peppers)
Order 48 hours in advance; 415-399-0814

Also, tamales run at $3.00 each or a dozen for $32.00. All orders include salsa. You will need to pick up the bundles of joy at Mijita.

In related news, 7x7's Sara Deseran's favorite tamale ("[n]ice and small, stuffed with chicken, green olives and chilies") can be found at Sutter Cafe (330 Sutter) in the Sutter Stockton. They're "made there by a Chinese woman who lived in Mexico." Crazy world, folks.