The Sit/Lie ordinance went into effect on Saturday, but Bay City News reports (via SF Appeal) that SFPD won't begin enforcing it until February after its officers have gone through training in January. They will also be running a public education campaign explaining the ins-and-outs of the law.

Yesterday afternoon, Mission Local went in search of protests and found a few soggy groups of die-hards throughout town. There was a vocal group in Upper Haight, including the Brass Liberation Orchestra. A group in the Castro provided a bit of history on the law's gay roots in the '70s. Meanwhile, in the Mission, Mission Local encountered a protester having a literal tea party, which is awesome, alongside Sara Powell of The Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone under her enviable awning.

Fines for breaking the new law could will be between $50 and $100 and/or community service for first offenders and $300 to $500 and ten days in jail for repeaters. Police are required to give an initial warning before citing violators. Exceptions to the law include medical emergencies, disabled persons using wheelchairs, parades and protests, lawful sidewalk businesses, or waiting in a line.