In yet another sensible move that is sure to draw knee-jerk ire from the right, Senator Mark Leno introduced a bill today that would require social studies classes (e.g., history, sociology, etc.) to teach students about the countless contributions of LGBT people. The first bill of its kind, it’s called the FAIR Education Act -- psst, "FAIR" stands for "Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful" -- and it's rad. And why in heaven's name not?

During your editor's high school freshmen year social studies class, we did a comprehensive review of Richard Ramierz (aka The Night Stalker), and read and watched Helter Skelter. Not to compare the queer community to series killers and prison texters, but you know what we, right? No one made a peep about serial killing studies then, so we see no reason why something as important, though controversial, as LGBT studies shouldn't be required learning at the high school level. So, yeah. Um, that really didn't work, did it. But... you catch our drift. Huh. Anyway.

Equality Californa sponsored the bill. Read all about it and how you can how you can ask your legislators to support the FAIR Education Act.