By Daisy Barringer

The Niners are still in it. Miraculously, our 4-7 record puts us only one game behind division co-leaders, the Seahawks and the Rams, both of whom we play (Seattle at home; Rams in St. Louis) with only five games to go. And while this fact, as well as the 49ers 27-6 dominating win over Arizona last night, should put a smile on my face, the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was: Frank Gore is out for the season. How will we do it without Frank?

Let’s not dwell on the fact that I wake up in the morning and instead of thinking about my naked boyfriend lying next to me, I think about the 49ers. Rather, let’s lament Gore’s broken hip and the fact that one of the biggest hearts on the team is going to have to somehow inspire and lead… from the bench. In fact, Gore’s passion for playing is so relentless that even after he knew he was seriously injured, the coaches had to hide his helmet from him so that he couldn’t go back in.

Will Carroll, Sports Illustrated writer and alleged "injury expert," tweeted the following about Gore’s fractured hip: “Gore done for season with broken hip. Not sure how serious. Bo Jackson is immediate thought."

He’s referring to the fact that a hip injury ended Jackson’s NFL career. To that I say: Shut your whore mouth, Will Carroll. Gore’s career isn’t over (God forbid) and, if it is, I will blame you for all of eternity for jinxing him. I mean, I’m no “expert,” but I’m pretty sure that’s how injuries work.