Tonight is the debut of Skating with the Stars, the triple-lutz spin-off of Dancing with the Stars - which you should care about (debatable) because it adds another familiar face to San Francisco's lineup of reality TV alumni: Bay Area local, Olympic gold medal skier and your boyfriend: Jonny Moseley.

Moseley will be competing with Real Housewife of Somewhere Bethany Frankle, Blade Runner replicant Sean Young, daytime attractive person Rebecca Budig and VH1 clip show commentator rock icon Vince Neil. There's also some teen idol who looks like he might actually be pretty slick on the ice. Judges include Johnny "Lady Gaga" Weir and Dick Button (inventor of the Flying Camel Spin), along with a Canadian choreographer whose catch phrase is "Boom-Kack!" Sure, why not?

It airs tonight on ABC at 9:11pm for some reason. [Autoplay Warning!] [ABC]