By Daisy Barringer

I wrote this whole post assuming there would be some sort of quarterback controversy this week, but lo-and-behold, Mike Singletary came out this morning and announced in the press conference that “We’re going with Smith.” And yes, he meant Troy. While I’m elated that Singletary made the right decision, that also means I have to re-write my first four paragraphs, so apologies for the late post.

Here’s why (in my humble opinion) Singletary had to go with Troy.

Alex Smith is 1-6 as the starting QB this season.
Troy Smith is 2-0.

I could probably stop there because, well, Troy Smith wins, Alex Smith loses, but I’ll also just point out that yesterday was Troy Smith’s career-best game, throwing for 365 yards on 17 completions (an average of 20.9 yards per completion), 1 TD and no interceptions.