It's either quixotic or ironic to use the very technologies which built the digital divide in the first place to bridge that same divide. Kinda like drinking booze as a cure for hangover. But the creators of Tech Search Party are neither: they're earnest and pragmatic. Facing a lack of funds to bring computers in the classrooms of public schools, they created a fun game which uses the latest gizmos to raise these funds. Here's how it goes: it's a treasure hunt in Noe Valley, which helps four schools in that hood (Alvarado Elementary which initiated the event last year, James Lick Middle School, Marshall Elementary School, and Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy).

Your team meets up at the auditorium at James Lick Middle School at 5:30pm on this coming Saturday to receive ten clues; you solve them using your smart phone: it points to an address. You walk -or run, but wheels are prohibited- there and take a picture of the landmark. With your smart phone, so you can email it to the organizers right away. Whoever has emailed the most pictures of answers two hours later wins bragging rights and prizes, like Rosenblum cellar wine to cure your hangover. See here for a clue sample from last year, and a first person account of the fun. Your $50 registration for a team of four ($75/6) is fully tax deductible and all proceeds go to making sure no kids is technologically left behind.