Around 7:10am during this morning's commute, a heavyset man in a Black SUV called in to the KCBS traffic tipline to alert them to a potential traffic jam: his own vehicle he had pulled over on the westbound deck of the Bay Bridge. According to reports the man explained he was armed and his vehicle was carrying explosives along with his 16-year-old daughter he was holding as a hostage. A negotiator was requested to speak to the man, described by CHP as "truly mentally unstable," as he exited the vehicle and threatened to jump off the bridge.

Police shut down westbound traffic at the Toll plaza just after 7am, and airborne KCBS traffic reporter Ron Cervi managed to tweet a photo of the back up on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge. By 8:10am the suspect was talked off the rail and taken in to custody by the Police before bomb squads searched the SUV and an officer removed the vehicle from the area.

As of 9am, traffic westbound traffic on the upper deck on the Bay Bridge had resumed although backups at the toll plaza were still jamming up East Bay freeways.