Although they won't name a mayor until later this week, it seems likely that we'll be typing "Oakland Mayor Quan" for the next four years. According to reports, Oakland Councilwoman Jean Quan might be the next mayor of Oakland. Many had pegged Don Perata as the winner, but ranked-choice voting helped Quan take the lead.

"When you look at straight votes, Perata had a double digit lead over Quan, but he didn't have the required 50 percent needed to win, so election officials had to take in account voters' second and third choices," notes NBC Bay Area.

Although, and with good reason, many counted her out -- in a Nov. 4 article in The Chronicle, San Francisco pollster and "expert on ranked-choice" David Latterman said, "mathematically, she (Quan) just can't do it... She would have to get virtually 100 percent of the votes of everybody behind her" in order to clinch -- some news outlets are labeling her lead "insurmountable" at this point.

Then again, the week is still young. Anything could happen.