With all the baseballs flying around AT&T Park in October and the softballs being lobbed back and forth on the road to Sacramento, you'd think Willie Brown would have a lot to talk about this week, but Da Mayor wasn't exactly wearing Giants pride on his sleeve (or his head, or his shoulders). Instead he opted for a new profile photo featuring a preppy orange sweater gingerly tied over his shoulders. Go Giants!

The one pitch Mr. Former Mayor did mention had more to do with contemplating Governor Schwarzenegger's legacy as the former adversaries met at Willie's annual pre-election breakfast last week. Immediately following the event at the Moscone Center, Willie and Arnold headed over to the St. Regis to "actually eat."

Speaking of actually eating, after devoting half a column to sorting out the complicated love triangle that is Michael Mina (the restaurant), the St. Francis Hotel, Michael Mina (the chef) and the former Aqua, Willie declined to actually tell us what he thought of the food. Same for Twenty Five Lusk, which is "the most beautiful restaurant in the city," but it sounds like you'll have to wait for Bauer to get back from his vacation to hear some opinions on the food.