The rain didn't stop dozens of families from swarming the library on Sunday afternoon for the fabulous 2nd Annual Tricycle Music Fest West grand finale show. The show, which was originally scheduled to take place in Civic Center Plaza in conjunction with Sunday Streets, was relocated to the library's Koret Auditorium due to the inclement weather.

The line-up boasted the best "kindie" music San Francisco has to offer, and they didn't disappoint. Each band was made up of very seasoned musicians who were there to have lots of fun, and fun was had by all. (No "Kumbaya" or obnoxious purple dinosaurs in sight.) Side note: Toward the end of the show, the auditorium's aisles and undersides of seats were goldmines for lost keys, kiddie gear, and iPhones. (We admit that we lost an item, too.)