The Exotic Erotic Ball's choice to relocate from Cow Hollow the Cow Palace [Ed. Note: sorry, typing too fast] to Richmond's Craneway Pavilion may have been a mistake. The Contra Costa Times reports that organizers are canceling the event, which was supposed to happen tomorrow night, due to "unforeseen circumstances." Those circumstances were clearly the lack of ticket sales, and several thousand people who did buy tickets will receive refunds. A police source noted that event wasn't going to break even, after they incurred hefty fees for security imposed by the city of Richmond.

The event was going to kick off with an Expo this afternoon at 4 p.m., with the ball to follow tomorrow night. It looks like kinksters and plushies around town are shit out of luck, and we're guessing a few hundred BDSM tourists will be wandering around tomorrow looking for another party to humiliate one another at, since their plane tickets aren't refundable. Maybe will throw something impromptu at the Armory?