by Daisy Barringer

The ending: Alex Smith throws his second interception while trying to position the 49ers for a game-tying field goal; I cry; the clock winds down; the 49ers lose 27-24; I throw the remains of my Bud Light onto several Eagles’ fans. That’s basically it in a nutshell and unless you’re a total masochist, there’s no need for you to read any further.

But if you’re wondering how we got there… Read it and weep. Read it and weep.

The beginning: Any day that starts with poolside mimosas in Napa should have a happy ending, right? As we boarded the bus to head to the game yesterday afternoon, tallboys in hand, I said, “If it’s a blowout, I can handle it. But if it’s close and we lose, I’m probably going to lose my shit.” That’s right. The 49ers are so bad that I would rather see us get demolished and at least feel like there’s a reason we’re 0-5 than suffer through another three hours of believing and have my heart broken in the final seconds. Alas… it wouldn’t be 2010 Niners’ Football without some hardcore soul crushing.

When we arrived at Candlestick, the sun was shining, the Giants had just rallied to beat the Braves 3-2, and my friend Drew was modeling his teeny tiny Niners’ hoodie that he seemingly stole from an 8-year-old girl, but actually paid good money for. Everyone had a smile on his face and I was certain that the scene was set for us to finally pull out a win. I mean, sure it was the Eagles, but something had to finally go our way, right?