by Andrew Dalton

It's Friday, so if you're like us you're probably wondering what former Mayor of San Francisco (slash San Francisco's Mayor) Willie Brown was up to all week. Luckily, he's been typing up a storm at Inside Scoop as well as his regular "Willie's World" column at the Chronicle proper and other than taking a moment to talk politics and imply Meg Whitman is a robot (which: duh) he really seems to enjoy sharing San Francisco's simple pleasures with his readers.

Like going to the movies! You might think such a social and political figure would be interested in checking out The Social Network, but then you'd be wrong! Last weekend he opted to take in viewings of fiscal thriller Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and chick flick You Again instead. Even though he didn't think either film was worth writing home about, he did anyway, explaining that the best part of the Wall Street sequel was "that young cat Shia LaBeouf." Meanwhile, the high point of the latter was a scene in which Jamie Lee Curtis drag-races her Prius.

When he's not attending the cinema, Mayor Brown suggests making the best of a Sunday night by watching the show at the old Transbay Terminal, where the teardown of the old freeway ramps "rivals any tractor pull or demolition derby." He also seems a little worried for the Terminal's former residents because, as he says, "I can't find them anywhere."