Hey y'all! It's the 10th anniversary of the free concert that Warren Hellman built in Golden Gate Park, and the stars are coming out to celebrate — along with, easily, half of San Francisco. Yes, it's wildly crowded (because it's free), but as Warren pointed out this week, there's never been any violence or strife in the nine previous years, and it's usually just a glorious, tightly packed celebration of music, hardly strictly limited to country and bluegrass. Below, a few highlights you might want to catch, starting this very morning. Check out the complete schedule here.

Friday, October 1

11:30 a.m. - MC Hammer - Yes, that's right, Mr. Can't Touch This is back for his third year running, and Warren is clearly a fan. If you're off work, why not go check out what Hammer Time looks like these days.

2 p.m. - The Waybacks with Sarah Dugard of the Duhks - Dive right in with some fast fiddling and bangin' banjo, and appreciate it for the last time all weekend without a crushing crowd around you.

2:45 p.m. - Patty Griffin - The popular folk and country star been touring with Robert Plant this summer and his band Band of Joy, so there's even a small chance he'll show up.