"It's a billionaire's regatta. Why are we going out to raise $270 million for Larry fucking Ellison?" asked Supervisor Chris Daly at a recent press conference. What's he talking about? This: San Francisco's plan to raise $270 million so that Larry Ellison and his BMW Oracle racing team will select S.F. as the next city to host the America's Cup. And Daly is none too thrilled, saying that the city is "using the people's money so that a billionaire can have his yacht race."

Chris Robers of SF Appeal was live at the scene: "[Daly's] telling everyone who will listen -- calling a hastily-organized press conference Thursday in the Tenderloin for the purpose -- what a bad, awful, no-good idea it is to host the boats."

And... we have to agree. But what say you? Agree/disagree? Read all about it.