Abandoned couches on city streets, you see them all the time. We had no idea, however, how prevalent they were until they kept popping up over and over and over again in the SFist Flickr pool. Specifically, local photographer Erik Wilson (Generik11) snapped well over 100 images of discarded couches on the streets of San Francisco.

SFist asked Wilson to tell us about his interest in orphaned couches. He explains:

The first abandoned couch shot I remember taking -- the one that got me thinking about shooting more -- was actually in Fresno a few years back; 2007, I believe. You can see that image here. I thought that was a shot that expressed a strong feeling of loneliness and emptiness; to me it had both a sense of melancholy and a nice, gritty urban feel to it. These are themes that I have always enjoyed exploring in my photography.