As SFist reported a couple weeks ago, SF resident Mary Bollero discovered that her missing dog, whom she called "Little Girl," was actually treated for an ear infection at a San Mateo pet clinic and released to the man who brought her in, despite the fact that they found a microchip in the dog's ear identifying Bollero as the owner. Little Girl had been missing for seven years, since disappearing from Bollero's home in 2003, and the man who brought her in said he had found her only a month before, and that he wanted to keep her.

As ABC 7 reports, the San Mateo Humane Society's policy was that if someone had found a dog and it was unclaimed for more than 30 days, they could keep it. However a judge has now ordered the dog returned to Bollero. See the video of their reunion on Monday below. Unfortunately, the dog appears nonplussed. No word on whether she still answers to the name Little Girl.