Talk about global weirding: How about that heat yesterday, huh? Tuesday was the hottest August day ever in San Francisco, according to the National Weather Service, tying the all-time high for the month of 98 degrees set on August 1, 2003. Private meteorologist Mike Pechner says, "It was a really weird day," and notes that several unofficial readings around town were as high as 106 degrees, 3 degrees above the official all-time S.F. high set on July 17, 1988.

Monday and Tuesday's welcome warmth came after a couple of miserable, socked-in months of fog and 50-degree temperatures, making this the coldest summer in 40 years around the Bay Area, and a record hot summer on the East Coast. But as Warren Blier at the National Weather Service told the Mercury News last month, "It's not uncommon for the East Coast to be experiencing the mirror image of what we're experiencing out here."

Us? We say bring on the heat. Yesterday was rad.