THEATER: The Thunderbird Theatre presents Agnes the Barbarian, the story of Conan the Barbarian's plain, bookish daughter, who's forced to go on a quest to prove her worth. Runs through August 14.

8 p.m. // Exit Theatre (156 Eddy St) // $20-25

SOUND: At Soundwave Festival's Earth Stories in the Illuminated Forest, sound artist Jay Kreimer performs Green Corn and the City, an audience-interactive composition and installation exploring the minute sounds in our environment and their human intervention, composer Paul Rudy and video artist Peter Rand present Gaia/Sophia Stories, a new composition finding the voice of the earth, and sonic duo AmbientBlack conjures Green Electrons, investigating social and environmental responsibilities using a variety of electronic devices.

8 p.m. // The Lab (2948 16th St) // $10-15

ART: Check out new works by artists Andrew Norris, Luke Baldwin, and Rye Purvis at If You Can't Swim...You Bound To Drizzown, along with musical performances by Black Sam La Kool Kid Kreyola, Sundy Bess, and Zafo.

7 to 9 p.m. // Cruz Skate Shop (3165 Mission St) // free