A daily review of local food-related musings.

Carey Sweet at Inside Scoophad much to say about "mini donuts" being "all the rage" at the moment, "even in wedding proposals." You know what else mini donuts are? Donut holes. (Well, sort of.) Which prompted one SFist commenter, "dantsea," to post a rebuttal.

Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, Javier Bardem, Richard Jenkins, and cast members of Eat Pray Love ate at The French Laundry last night, according to Grub Street. What?! For that menopausal, foreign country-fetishizing, soul-enlightening tapestry of warm porridge? Bah. They all deserve Jollibee to-go bags and nothing more.

Remember when ice cream wasn't annoying, standoffish, and -- ugh -- a thing? Tamara Palmer sure does.