The Bay Area, sadly, does not have the same vibrant, well supported stream of new work on its theater stages as New York does Off-Broadway, but then again no American city really does. What we have, instead, is quite a lot of recycled material — revivals, touring companies, west coast premieres and the like — with the occasional good new play by Berkeley Rep or one of several of S.F.'s small repertory companies. There's nothing wrong with revivals, don't get us wrong, especially when they're not of the ho-hum academic variety that A.C.T. seems to enjoy doing (see this year's Round and Round the Garden, or the more painful Phèdre as examples). It can be exciting to discover a little-known play from theater history that no one's produced in years but which still has some potency or relevance today. Mrs. Warren's Profession, an 1893 work by George Bernard Shaw currently being done at CalShakes in Orinda is one of those plays.