FILM: In Yatterman, Takashii Miike "takes the audience for a wild ride of robotics and animation in an adolescent battle of good vs evil with some cheeky elements of young lust tossed in for good measure". The film is a take on the '70s TV show of the same name, in which a mysterious glowing skull stone is scattered around the globe and when the four pieces are united there is promise that "miracles" will take place.

9 p.m. // Roxie Cinema (3117 16th St) // $9.99

DESIGN: Twenty-one rare toy theatres dating from the 18th century to the present from the United States, England, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Mexico, will be on display at the Toy Theatres: Worlds in Miniature exhibit. Printed sheets of scenery, costumed characters, and video excerpts of toy theatre performances will accompany the pieces.

6:30 p.m. // Museum of Performance & Design (Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave, #402) // $20