Robbery: A group of male coworkers who were picnicking together in McLaren Park on Saturday were robbed at gunpoint around 12:20 p.m. Though the place may seem like a nice place for picnicking, it is also near some public housing and apart from this new robbery threat you might just stumble on a severed leg, or worse. [SF Appeal]

Beating: An older man, perhaps one of the neighborhood's many resident drunks, was severely beaten by five young men outside the Quick Stop on Market between 6th and 7th. An ambulance took the man away in seemingly stable but bloody condition, and the only remnants of the incident were a lot of blood on the sidewalk and a half-empty bottle of Grand Marnier. [SFist]

A Richmond man was shot in the chest and killed inside what we believe was Kelly's Mission Rock (though the article doesn't say), and despite this happening in the middle of a club no one has come forward to identify the shooter. The victim was rushed to SF General early Sunday morning and pronounced dead. [Chron]