Artsy short film from the mid-90s, 38 Geary, was shot on Super 8 by Dave Gebroe, starring Mike Spiegelman (who will be at Kung Pao Kosher Comedy tonight), David Wallace, Joshua Curtis, and Kurt Weitzmann as "Scabs."

The film mainly takes place on the 38 Geary, featuring a cast of characters who could still very well be pestering people on Muni in the new millennium. Be sure to check out the comical fight scene at about 3:43 with Stacey's Books as a backdrop, and the '90s fashion/technology is a hoot.

38 Geary won the 1997 Bronze Seal Award, IAC Film Festival, UK and was a free rental at Le Video, Leather Tongue Video, Into Video, and Dr. Video at the time. (Naked Eye Video charged for the rental.)