The weekly scene outside the 16th and Mission BART station at about 11 p.m. last night, where a crowd was gathered for an impromptu vigil of sorts — a 'peaceful' protest, if you will, of the Johannes Mehserle verdict — featuring this young lady playing TLC's "No Scrubs" on her ukulele and, just off camera to the left, another young lady in a beaded top doing a hippie-ish dance to the music. Was this an open mic night, or was this a protest? Come on, people.

Clarification: Though such gatherings may be regular events, we were commenting on it in contrast to what was happening in Oakland at this same hour, the ironic dissonance of the dancing and the song, and the fact that we stumbled upon this scene when most everyone else's minds were elsewhere, including our own. Poetry and ukulele singing shall go on we guess, but as a simple snapshot in time, it might strike some — especially the San Francisco-hating ilk — as odd, no?