During last night's Mehserle verdict coverage, one sharp SF Appeal commenter suspected that many rapscallion rioters in Oakland might not be from Oakland. And? She was right.

The Appeal has numbers:

Sgt. JD Nelson says that there were 78 arrests (earlier reports said 83) at last night's protests, 66 of which were on misdemeanor offenses that will be "cited out" (that is, the folks will be released with tickets) today. Of those 78, he says that

-- 19 were from Oakland
-- 28 were from the Bay Area, outside of Oakland
-- 19 were from California, but not the Bay Area
-- 12 were from out of state

A scant 25% of said arrested protesters were from the city of Oakland. Something to think about, San Francisco, the next time you bemoan bridge-and-tunnel crowds.