Jurors in the Johannes Mehserle trial down in L.A. deliberated for a just few hours on Thursday before being set free for a four-day holiday weekend. They begin again this morning, however one juror, who had a previously scheduled vacation that starts tomorrow, might throw a wrench in the works if they don't reach a verdict by the end of today. An alternate juror will have to be called in tomorrow if they can't reach a consensus, and then deliberations will need to restart from the beginning.

As you may recall from our poll, the choices are second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter (a majority of SFist readers are wagering the outcome will be involuntary manslaughter). If we had to guess, there will likely be unrest and random acts of man-on-parked-car violence in Oakland no matter what the verdict. And as the Times reports, the kids across the Bay -- especially the anarchists -- are raring to go and will likely be disappointed if there isn't all out rioting. [ ]

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UPDATE: With a juror out sick for the day, deliberations will recommence tomorrow.

Photo: AP