Yesterday, SFist broke the story of an enthralling, although possibly problematic, police scuffle caught on tape at Sunday's Gay Pride. See, a few revelers were out of line (assaulting police officers, drunk, wearing tacky ensembles) and the police, who were far outnumbered, had to use force. Today, SFPD responded to the video. Police spokeswoman Lt. Lyn Tomioka explained to BCN (via SF Appeal) why mild force was necessary.

"It's an ongoing investigation, but use of's why we try to talk to people, but when we have no other option, use of force is required, unfortunately," Tomioka said. "But to the public, it never looks pretty.

"The officers gave commands, which were ignored," Tomioka said. "When an officer gives an order to move or to stop, those are orders, and they need to be complied with."

In the video, several people can be heard yelling, "Fuck the police!"and giving the cops the middle finger. Then, a voice of reason interjects when male can be heard saying, "They're just doing their job, man!" and "You don't punch a cop." Which, true. The video also sparked a lengthy debate on SFist. We think commenter mamcart's succinct comment proved the most thoughtful.