In an effort to stop the proposed animal ban at San Francisco pet stores--buying your pets at stores, as some of you know, is wrong, especially when one can adopt--a group calling itself POPA (Protect Our Precious Animals) sent out this excruciatingly formatted flier urging you to stop the ban.

Laurie Baker, owner of Feathered Follies and President of CHRP (a parrot
rescue group in Concord) sent out this flier to a mailing group, asking people to share it with others. Here's why Baker's and other pet bird retailers' feathers are--wait for it--ruffled:

If this ban is approved, we will have another hurdle to jump with the board of supervisors and Mayor. It would be a precedent setting law if enacted and invariably would be the model used by other communities. If you love your pets and if you love your right to choose where to buy them, please turn out for this meeting. My birds thank you!

If there's one thing we love about bird owners, it's this: They make us cat owners look sane and stable by comparison. Anyway.

The hearing on the proposed pet store ban is at San Francisco City Hall, at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 8th.