Exhausted with having to read your news online? From the convenience of your home or office? For free? Well, fret no more. Today, local online news site SF Public Press launched a papyrus version of the publication, featuring some of their computerized content.

What's in store for their Sunday-morning-paper-and-coffee reader base? A whole lot, it seems. Public Press reports:

We have more than 50 stories lined up from our reporters and more than two dozen independent and public media partners — so much great content that we're expanding the paper from 24 to 28 full-size, broadsheet pages. That's 28 pages filled with news and features — and no paid advertising.

No paid advertising? For a print rollout? Color us verdigris with envy! We would kill for that kind of magical funding.

The vanity publication will cost $2 from street vendors or one of their local retail partners. If you can't find one, head over to the glitz of Sixth and Market at Passion Cafe (28 Sixth Street) where PP will host a kickoff party for the pilot print edition from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Psst, $20 at the door.)

Your move, Bay Citizen.

Update: Slight hiccup. It seems, according to SF Weekly, they missed their printer deadline, making the first edition an afternoon paper. That's even more old-school!