Tenderblog has a poll going about what exactly makes up the Tenderloin and questions whether the TenderNob actually exists. Also, is Civic Center part of the Tenderloin or not?

We think Maps #3 and #4 both reflect the general feel of the area. Map #4 gets bonus points for including a new sub-neighborhood: Academy Hills.

As someone who lives in the hazy area that can pass for TenderNob or the straight-up Tenderloin, we never know what the hell to call it.

Although it's ubiquitous online, using the term TenderNob in real life nearly always results in the need for further clarification. Lower Nob Hill causes the least amount of confusion but is sometimes interpreted as creating distance from oneself and the Tenderloin.

We would be perfectly happy identifying as the Tenderloin, but we honestly don't deserve the street cred. There's a huge difference between our rather tame and trendy block and the anything-goes block of Hyde and Turk.

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