The State Assembly is considering a measure to begin researching the technology and implementation of electronic license plates statewide, a move that hopes to help close the $19 billion budget gap we're currently facing. The plates would provide yet another opportunity for advertising in our ever-ad-saturated world, and yet another reason for fender benders as people become mesmerized by the new screens on the back of every car in traffic.

The plates would function as regular, static license plates while cars are in motion, but when the car stops for four seconds or more, at a stoplight or in traffic, the plates would snap into motion like little televisions, shilling shaving cream, erectile dysfunction pills, or the like.

The problem is, unlike those ads in the back of taxi cabs, the only off button you'll have for these things will come in ramming your car into the back of the car in front of you, which we predict will become the next hot trend in road rage, should these plates become a reality.

Accenture as well as an SF-based company called Smart Plate are already in development on these license plates, and should the state and DMV decide to move forward, California will be the first state in the union to sink so low in its budget-gap-closing efforts. P.S. Fox News is already making fun of us.