Well, boys and girls, whether you're sportin' your Sunday finest as you skip down to your friendly neighborhood polling place or just throwing on some skinny jeans to trek down there to the mail box on the corner to drop off your absentee ballot, you gotta know what it is you're voting on before you can sit your fat arse down to vote in the first place, no? That, or you can just be a bad citizen like Republican gubernatorial candidate, Meg "Voting is for the Little People" Whitman, and not bother to vote at all. Democracy, like freeze dried coffee brands, it's your choice!

Here's a quick and dirty run down on the local measures on the ballot this fine June the 8th, 2010 -

Proposition A - School Disaster Tax - So like you know that scene in the classic American film "Rock 'n' Roll High School" where the students take over the school and blow it to smithereens accompanied by the fine musical stylings of The Ramones? Yeah? And you're all like "Punk Rock Forever!" while lying around in your pyjamas, watching Night Flight on the USA Network? Well, this proposition has nothing to do with that. Prop A simply extends a minor property tax ($32.20 for single family homes, $16.10 for condo/TIC dwellers - cheap!) to be used to fund seismic upgrades and other safety improvements to the fine portable classrooms of the San Francisco Unified School District. This is a small price to pay to keep the school roof from falling down on the heads of little children, no?