UPDATE II: Muni finally got back to SF Appeal regarding the snafu explaining that Muni doors are not like elevator doors -- never try to keep them from closing because it damages the doors, and people, apparently. But what if the driver doesn't give exiting passengers enough time to get off?!

UPDATE: The woman's first-person account is now on SF Appeal. It sounds like a pretty scary ordeal, in which she was stuck in the middle of a group of people who were all told to back away from the crowded train. The driver closed the doors before they could all get out in time, and her arm got stuck between the door and the train.

SF Appeal brings our attention to an incident that a reader wrote about on Muni Diaries yesterday, regarding a woman getting her arm caught in the door of a Muni train.

The victim had tried to force her way onto a train at Church Street Station one busy morning, which was already filled to capacity, and her arm got caught in the sliding track. Several people came to her aid, while she understandably screamed hysterically, and they were able to free her arm, which had a nasty bruise at the elbow.

This, of course, resulted in the two-car, sardine-packed train full of passengers being evacuated, and everyone having to compete for spots on other crowded trains during peak morning rush hour.

Appeal commenters have some good theories on how the woman's arm got stuck (since Muni won't return any phone calls regarding the incident).