The Obamas are only in town for another hour or so, taking off from SFO at about noon. The President spent this morning at Fremont solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, which the San Jose Mercury News tells us: "is one of several "thin film" solar companies in Silicon Valley [that] uses a unique cylindrical panel design made specifically for flat, commercial rooftops... [like] at a Coca-Cola sales center in Macon, Ga."

And as the AP tells us, "At the Solyndra plant, the President planned to reaffirm his earlier assertions that the [Gulf oil] spill only reinforces the need to find alternatives to oil." So this visit is sort of a spin tactic, as it were. You may recall that last spring, during Obama's first 100 days in office, he offered a $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra.

No word yet on what Michelle was up to this morning.