Are you interested in being SFist's Uncle Ned for a day? (Uncle Ned, for those of you who don't know, was the alcoholic uncle on Family Ties as conceived by Tom Hanks, who, on a very special episode, drank vanilla extract and slapped Alex P. Keaton.) Yes? Well, we're bringing back Day Around the Bay cameos. Wonks, bloggers, local celebs, ye olde print writers, Alex Smith, political candidates, John Waters, former mayors, ex-cons -- we want to hear from you.

If you'd like to be considered for 'Day Around the Bay' (think of the glory! the fame! the traffic to your site!), send us an electronic mail with your name, your site(s), and whatever is it you think you do. We'll pick somewhere between 5 to 10 bloggers for the one-off job.

Oh, and Day Around the Bay involves linking to Bay Area stories (news or otherwise) you see on the world wide web during the day. Also, you get to write a witty sentences prefacing said links. Joy!

Send your begging, pleading to editor[at]sfist[dot]com with "Guest DATB blogger" in the subject line. Good luck.