Did you make a connection with one of both of these two lovable rapscallions? Then, by all means, head over to the SPCA to adopt them or one of the many fine animals who need a a little bit of love and caring. Really, they could use a warm and safe place to call home. (Not someone who will treat them as furniture or accessories or... worse. Remember: Pets are family members, period.) This week's adoptable pets are:

3-year-old male

Champ is a big sweet cat that needs a good home! This dude looooooves loves loves cheek and chin pets, and would love to teach you the proper technique. Seriously. This guy is all business about his petting time - he’ll head bump ya, he’ll talk to ya, he will let you know when he’s in the mood for love! Overall, Champ is a fantastic cat for a cat savvy and cat obsessed household.